A polarized world with one molten cap forever in sunlight and the other frozen in eternal night. It is the original home of the various Orc tribes and the seemingly single-minded Serene Elf Empire.

Environment – Vestyx possesses a frozen southern pole and a molten northern pole, with bands of incrementally varying territory between. A circle of temperate forests rings the equator of this war-torn planet, acting as a barrier zone between the Orc and Serene nations. The orbit of this planet results in longer days as you progress north along the planet, yielding eternal daylight at the Northern pole, while those Serene who live at the South pole rarely see the light of day.

Races – (Wip)
(Orcish races)
Hobgoblins? Bugbears?- something equally as hardy but thinner and rangier than orcs, also with fur?

(Elven races)

Grundar – rhino apes



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