Gazrin was a vast planet ruled by dragons and giants and littered with various beast races. Floating islands were a natural sight here, even before the sundering.

Environment – Gazrin has permanently frozen cold zones near the poles and a thick tropical band around the equator, with a wide variety of temperate zones in between. Floating islands hang in the haze of the green sky, casting shadows on the distant ground below. The sleeping bodies of Titans and Elder Dragons dot the landscape like mountains.

Races – (wip)
(dragon camp)
Wymlings – tiniest of the dragonborn races
Wyrmkin – not so much its own race, as “chosen” kobolds, which grow into larger, often winged versions of themselves through dragon-led ritual (breeding creates kobolds which mature normally)
Drakes – quadrupedal dragonborn without wings ranging from the size of small horses to bull elephants
Dragons – wings, breathweapons, etc. Dragons range in size, with smaller dragons being less powerful and more plentiful and larger dragons being fewer and ruling the smaller.
Elders – the giant sleeping bodies of the elder dragons exist here, though they rarely awaken due to the resources needed to give them the energy to continue moving. Instead, they rest for aeons in a semi-conscious hibernation state. Their various minions and armies glean their wishes from many kinds of magical, ritual, and religious means.

(giant camp)
Ogres – large bipeds with chin tusks and a vaguely tapir like nose/mouth combination. They have rune-like grooves in their thick skin.
(Gibborim?) – Larger than Ogres, four arms, elongated heads? Dimly glowing rune grooves.
Giants – Larger than the Ogres or Gibborim, but fewer in number, they range in size to challenge the Dragons.
Titans – Similar to the elder dragons, these beings slumber in the landscape, communicating with their spawn.

(unaligned as races)
Trolls – Spawn of both the dragons and the giants with horns and scales, but the face and body structure of giants
Monkashii – these little monkey-birds are late arrivals to the shard



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