The lands of Sorn, always elemental in nature, awakened in the aftermath of the Sundering. Mountains stood up and took a walk, creatures of fire crawled fully formed from molten lava, the plants took to foot, and the water wandered.

Environment – Sorn is a world full of elemental extremes in tune with the elemental people who live in them. There are no animals, birds, or insects of the “normal” meat variety on Sorn. Instead, these ecological niches are filled by creatures of stone, fire, water, air, wood and their variations.

Races –
Earth races – ranging from soft substances like clay to the hardest minerals, such as diamond
Wind races – wind and lighting beings (wind and water races maybe tend to blend a little?)
Water races – water, ice, and mist beings
Fire races – flame and magma beings
Plant races – Plantaani and treants



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