The Awakened are a race of sentient robots who vary greatly in body structure. While each one may have a different chassis, all Awakened have a glowing blue-green crystals built into them which both house their souls and power their bodies. Awakened tend to be either very detached from meat life, or extraordinarily interested in it. Since their creation and subsequent rebellion against the gnomes, they have been healing and terraforming Nomina and shepherding its other species towards sentience.


Most Major races of the Peacock Sky sought to prevent the coming cataclysm, but this desire caused a rift between the two gnome factions. The Builders and the Growers each believed they had chosen the true path. The War of Ideals brought much destruction to the gnome planet. The Builders devised a machine that they believed would not only rebuild the world but end the war. They deemed this project AWAKEN (Adanced World Altering Konstruct Entity Network). The Builders had hoped to prove to the Growers that the world could be returned to health without the need of magic.

The project was a masterpiece of engineering. The colossal construct was in essence a giant roving terraformer with a construct factory within its own form. The Creation required a huge amount of power. A brilliant builder named Eeglrr Gizmocontraption discovered a means to condense and trap mist within a crystal. The power that then radiates freely can be harnessed. Eegirr created a crystal over 15 feet in diameter; It took the Builders 7 years to collect enough mist to power the great machine.

After the power supply was in place the machine was turned on. At this point, each piece of equipment had been powered up individually, but they had lacked the energy to power the entire machine. When the machine came on, it came to life, quite literally. The crew attempted to begin diagnostic checks but none of the panels were responding. It began speaking to those that were attempting to pilot it. At first the crew believed this to be a joke (the Builders had not yet lost their Gnomish whimsy). The crew played along until Eegirr came over the radio asking why they had not started to do diagnostics. At this, the crew informed Eegirr that they were having great fun talking to the ship. Eegirr asked what the name of the ship was. The First One realizing that it had the ability to create and awaken machines named himself Dawn Bringer. This day came to be refered to by the awakened as The First Dawn.

Names: Like many other races, Awakened have a first and a last name. A first name is chosen by each individual. First names are as diverse as the Awakened race. Some adopt names associated with other races, use random words, and often use gemstones. Gems have psionic strengthening aspects and they are a psionic race (Awakened are very sentimental). When a word dances across the consciousness of an individual Awakened and fills it with a strong sense of self, the Awakened knows it has found a name; a first name creates a constant thread throughout the ever expanding and evolving life of an Awakened. Last names are used to describe an individuals self-imposed destiny and are usually proceeded by the suffix the, such as Onyx the Terraformer, Mailen the Traveler, Quagmire the Faithful, Felt the Storyteller, and Freedom the Stoneshaper. Last names typically change as an Awakened alters its purpose, this may happen many time or few but invariably happens.

Awakened Construct Racial Traits (20 RP)

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Awakened have physical bodies that are defined by purpose with highly adept minds. They gain +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, & -2 Charisma with +2 Strength or +2 Dexterity; their physical stats depend on the body they choose. Awakened are machines and like other constructs have no constitution score. Because of this, they are immune to Fortitude based saves (Unless it works on objects or is harmless). Any DCs or statistics that rely on Constitution treat an Awakened as if having a 10.
    • Type: Awakened are considered humanoid with the construct subtype.
    • Size: Awakened can choose to be small (a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks) or medium (no bonuses or penalties due to size). Using Customization Points, an Awakened can become tiny or large.
    • Base Speed: Awakened have a base speed of 30 feet.
    • Languages: Awakened begin play speaking Common and Spark Speak. Awakened with high intelligence scores can choose any six languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
    • Awakened Construct Immunities: Immune to poison, disease, non-lethal damage, fatigue, and exhaustion (But do become fatigued or exhausted under certain conditions). Awakened are not subject to physical ability drain or physical ability damage, but are affected by mental ability drain and mental ability damage.
    • Metallic Frame: While Awakened do not gain HPs due to a Constitution score, their metal bodies do afford them a few bonus HPs. These HPs vary depending on the size of the Awakened. 4 HP for Tiny, 6HP for small, 8HP for medium, and 10HP for large
    • Naturally Psionic: Being more mind than body, the Awakened are an inherently psychic race. They gain the Unlocked Talent feat as a bonus feat at first level.
    • Incomplete Connection: It is true that Awakened have souls but they are grounded in construct forms. This means they may not be raised or resurrected but may be returned to life with a wish spell or true creation power within 1 week of death. When Awakened get to 0 HP, they gain the fatigued and staggered conditions, at -10 HP they gain the exhausted condition, and at -15 HP they are destroyed.
    • Clockwork Joints: Bodies of the Awakened may never tire but their clockwork gears make them lose mobility in cold temperatures. In cold conditions (below 40 degrees), Awakened gain the fatigued condition, in severe cold (below 0 degrees), they gain the exhausted condition, and in extreme cold (below -40 degrees) they become paralyzed. In addition, if an Awakened takes greater than a quarter of its HPs from cold damage it becomes fatigued for 1D3 or until it is healed 50% of the cold damage taken. If an Awakened takes greater than half its total HPs from cold damage in a round, it becomes exhausted for 1D3 rounds or until it is healed 50% of the cold damage taken.
    • Sensitive CPU: Awakened do not have brains or central nervous systems like organic beings but the CPU and hundreds of RPUs (Reaction Processing Unit) that works in a similar way . Unfortunately, the wiring can become crossed in hot temperatures. In hot conditions (above 90 degrees), Awakened are considered flat-footed, in severe heat (above 110 degrees) they gain the staggered condition, and in extreme heat (above 140 degrees), they become confused. In addition, if an Awakened takes greater than a quarter of its HPs in electrical damage, it gains the fatigued condition for 1D3 rounds or until it is healed 50% of the cold damage taken. If an Awakened takes greater than half its total HPs in electrical damage, it gains the staggered condition for 1d3 rounds or until it is healed 50% the electrical damage taken.
    • Metallic Form: Awakened do not have bodies like other creatures and as a result cannot be healed by normal means, but they can be healed by abilities such as mend, make whole, reconstruction, etc. They can also be healed 1HP per HD with a DC 15 craft (constructs) check. An Awakened is healed 1 additional HP for every 5 over the DC that is rolled. This takes one hour and requires a kit and a pound of scrap material per HP healed.
    • Self-Imposed Destiny: Awakened do not start out life in a body but rather a crystal orb. Once created the Awakened is connected with the creator and starts to study and learn. After it has discovered a name and a purpose, it starts to design a body that it believes will help it on the path. Each Awakened starts with 7 customization points. These work similar to race points but can be altered (see Constant Evolution).
    • Constant Evolution: Awakened can alter their form as they see fit. This takes time and money. An Awakened may remove any number of CP that have been chosen. They can then be altered and changed. For every 1 CP that is changed it costs 1000gp and 1 hour of time. Most customizations may be initiated with a portable alteration kit. There are certain customization, however, that require an Awakened to journey to a Form Factory.
    • Powered by the Mist: the d that creates the Awakened also becomes their power source. Because of this they do not eat, breath, or sleep like other humanoids. While awakened do not sleep they do have necessary daily functions. They must spend 2 hours each day between hardware maintenance (lubricating joints, tightening bolts, re-aligning gears etc.) and software changes (defragmentation, updates, file deletion etc.). In addition they must spend 2 hours a day in a meditative state known as Introspection in order to contemplate the self within the machine. (These times may be reduced through Customization points, magic items, and some class features).*

Awakened Customization Options WIP


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