Peacock Sky

Vestyx game - South 2

Boggard trouble

Having just fought the juvenile Frogemoth and saved the Squodd children, our intrepid heroes tasked the young Kobald guards with alerting their people and returning the Briarstone Heart. They confronted the terrified Squodd children over their theft and found that the Squodd were struggling with starvation and lack of resources, partially due to their fear of the outside world. With one of the three Squodd children injured, Kayrn and Enantos decided to take the children home themselves. However, it was getting late, and the Kobalds suggested a nearby inn, one of the only ones in the swamp.

Along with N’keepir and the Squodd children they made their way to The Dry Well, an ancient black stone well house refitted as a small but cozy inn. The inn keeper was a small dragonfly-like humanoid named Krzzt who explained that her inn ran on donations of food and work, rather than the standard gold pieces or more civilized lands. The two heroes sent their creatures out to hunt while they sat around the edge of the well with some Kobalds from Dragoncorpse. The Kobalds were complaining about drunken Boggards causing trouble in town and threatening to take the Briarstone if they could find it.

When the plant-cheetah and shadow drake got back, bringing a boar each, they also brought grave tidings: Kobalds and Boggards fighting all over the swamp and the young Kobald guards and the Briarstone gone. The heroes leapt into action, telling the Squodd children to stay and help with the boars while they tried to resolve the other situation. They decided to head for Groaka, the Boggard city, knowing that if the Boggards claimed the Briarstone they would take it there. On their way, they found Kortho and other Kobalds surrounded and outnumbered by the wretched Boggards.

Kayrn and Enantos quickly routed the Boggards, taking Kortho and the Kobalds with them to Groaka. When they got there, they found the place mostly abandoned, save for women, children, the elderly, and the ever slimy Gosstog. There were a number of icy projections in the city, slowly killing the surrounding plant-life. Enantos grew in size and bellowed a challenge to the tiny leader, who came out to face them. Two size categories smaller than the shape-shifting giant, Gosstog was quickly cowed, giving only obsequious answers and trying desperately not to get squished.

At this point, Kayrn noticed that while the rest of the city was mostly motionless, their caged in fields seemed to be teeming with movement. Enantos tied Gosstog to a large tree branch and carried him over as they went to investigate. Inside the cage they found a small tribe of the Dragonfly people (or Bzzkzzaa), all with their wings cut in half. The heroes ripped the cage open, sending the Bzzkzzaa running to the back of the structure where they hid until coaxed out by Enantos and N’keepir. After short discussion it was revealed that the Boggards were keeping the eggs of the Bzzkzzaa hostage in order to force them into slavery, and had done so for one generation already. The heroes shook the location out of Gosstog and sent him back with Kortho to be tried and executed for his crimes.

From there, they went back to the Dry Well, introducing Krzzt to the others of her kind. She was ecstatic, having grown up away from the rest of the tribe. One of the Squodd children had run away, but the injured one and his friend stayed. Kayrn and Enantos ate some boar stew and slept behind the inn, leaving the internal space for the refugees. In the morning they were greeted with breakfast and the news that the young Kobald guards had been found and returned the Briarstone to it’s rightful place.

The remaining Squodd children showed the heroes how to find their city, but the first secret entrance was sealed. While walking the wide berth around Squukva required by its defenses, the uninjured Squodd cried out and tackled an invisible form that turned out to be the friend who had so recently abandoned them. The door to the second secret entrance opened, and adult Squodd appeared to reclaim the children. Not yet ready to allow in these bizarre strangers, the Squodd gave the heroes a whistle and told them to come back in a few days, when their councils would have had time to discuss the matter.

From there, they journeyed to the ruins where the BzzKzzaa eggs were being kept by the Boggards. The Bzzkzzaa followed a little behind them, letting them scout the way, but prepared to collect the eggs and return to the Dry Well. Once at the ruins, our heroes spotted the eggs quickly, but decided to explore before gathering the delicate eggs. They searched the outer buildings first, finding and destroying a nest of giant cockroaches. They found journals and magic items in these huts with vague clues about a golem factory and mysterious figures in the night.

Returning to the largest building to explore, they were startled by two large horrors dripping with eyes. After a great struggle, they destroyed the beasts, which collapsed into puddles of ooze and dissolved into the swamp.


Scrapophillia Scrapophillia

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