Peacock Sky

The Hydra Den

  Our intrepid adventurers survived their initial encounter with the mutant Hydra, rescuing the ambushed Longstrider Elder and his hapless hunters. These young Orcish hunters were pursuing game for their naming ceremony, hoping to outmatch competing clansmen for the most impressive kill.

  The group pursued this new task with enthusiasm, tracking the iridescent hydra back to it’s sunken swamp lair, where they found a family of the creatures, all touched by mutation. Thatcher became lost while tracking, but stumbled upon a shortcut that took him to the lair much faster than his companions, where he unwittingly found the Hydra-spawn pouring from the mouth of a sunken structure.

  Ryn was oblivious to the voracious creatures, their sharp teeth unable to penetrate the tough barbarian’s hide. He stood amongst the swarm for nearly a minute before noticing the wriggling creatures beneath the murky mire’s surface. Ryn raged upon their discovery, growing to mountainous size, and proceeded to stomp on the creatures, which retreated into the depths of the sinking building. He then pursued the creatures inside the collapsing market, and put his razorsharp claws to the task of sundering the crumbling floor, hoping to create a faster pathway to his enemies. Luck was not on his side, as the sagging floor was concealing a poisonous gas bubble, which quickly flooded the room. Reluctantly, the barbarian retreated, waiting for the help of his comrades.

  Once his compatriots had arrived, the group set a trap for the creatures, aligning their many archers along the bank of the swamp. Cylis was able to discern the creatures locations using his powers over the Mist, and made psychic contact with the adult Hydra, challenging it to combat, and drawing the beast into the open. The Hydra’s progeny fled, unable to withstand the mental assault brought on by the Awakened, but the adult stayed, determined to avenge it’s mate.

  The rune-scarred Hydra burst through the failing floor with lightning speed, and bore down upon the barbarian, latching on to the huge wolf-man with multiple poisonous heads. Thatcher was lost to the rage, pain a distant voice in the back of his mind, and tore into the draconic mutant with reckless abandon, matching the beasts ferocity with his own.

  No amount of planning could prepare the inexperienced Longstriders for a creature of this magnitude, and the young archers faltered upon it’s brutal charge. They quickly rallied under the trained eye of , whose lightning quick reflexes landed arrow after arrow in the unsuspecting beasts tough hide. Following the veterans lead, the shaken hunters managed to pepper the beast with arrows, though few hit their mark. Cylis put the finishing touches on the ailing creature, directly assaulting the Hydras mind with psychic power, destroying it’s mind with a single massive spike of psychic power. The beast twitched, shuddered, and fell dead on the spot. The exuberant hunters gathered their prize, and set out for the Sunken Tower.


Scrapophillia Moophe

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