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Flying Fort Skaralia - Game 1

Escape from the Winter Campus

As Magma’s clan was being slaughtered by swarms of mouths with wings, Velah and Trevolonie slipped into the winter campus through the only entrance accessible by ground. At the same time, Typhon, his mind intent on the hunt, stumbled through a bank of Mist and into the courtyard of the campus. Shin, who had been guarding the door between the docked Fort Skaralia and the Winter Campus, found it suddenly and inexplicably open and decided to investigate.

Shin found unused tech and tools that his people sorely needed, and joyfully gathered as much as he could, completely forgetting any sense of stealth. Velah and Trevolonie, hiding in the library, slowly began to notice the signs of life in the building as the others blundered through it. Typhon, fearing the vicious swarms outside, entered the library, stumbling across the other two, one familiar, the other foreign. Magma sat weeping for her lost boyfriend in a nearby corridor, until her scattered friends returned to her, and pressed her to move on.

Typhon grabbed Shin as he fiddled loudly with machines on the conveyor belt that ran through the top of the library, and the two soon recognized Velah and met Trevolonie. Magma and her troop followed slowly lighting red glyphs on the walls into the library where the met the others. There was a period of general confusion as everyone met or were reunited with old companions. Trevolonie took this time to look for information, though without a very specific subject in mind, the Librarian only showed her different categories.

The group found a water and (thanks to Velah) fire damaged map of the campus that, though slightly incomplete, gave an idea of what the ice-capped buildings held. They also found a punch card in the typewriter that suggested some kind of artifact had been activated long ago. It also hinted at some kind of battle between the Builders and Growers in the building long ago.

As the players milled about in the library, some trying to research, others interacting with each other, the red glyphs slowly worked their way around the room. As the Winter Campus came awake RazorDogs™ launched from the walls and filled the room. At the same time, large robotic defense units broke from the wall of ice and slowly trundled towards the group or began to transform into even larger units. At first the group attempted to battle the various defense drones, but after several of Magma’s kobold companions fell to the mechanical hoard, the wisdom of fleeing became apparent.

What was left of the group ran through the building, ducking and dodging the dangerous robots. They hopped into the fliers that sat near the entrance and drove them into Fort Skaralia just as the doors slammed behind them. In a very impressive show of reflexes, Trevolonie activated the rockets on her flier and steered the machine through the tight hallways quite a ways before shutting down her engine.

On the Fort, the players were met with a different, more selective set of security drones that herded them, rather than attacking. Thanks to Shin’s quick thinking, the taller members of the team were saved from the danger of the Fireflies’ tazing stingers. Everyone was guided to one of the Fort’s highest towers where they met “Lady” Kapra, the defacto ruler of the Fort. There she demanded that everyone new to the Fort swear allegiance to its people and their survival. When Magma’s last surviving kobold companion hesitated, he was unceremoniously hurled from the Fort, though his death was not confirmed.

After the new arrivals swore fealty, “Lady” Kapra resumed her duties without further comment, and the players were left to talk to locals and explore their new environment.

NEXT GAME: Exploring Flying Fort Skaralia


This is great!

I thought about doing a write up, but wasn’t sure what “voice” to use for a character who is only semi-literate. I am most assuredly looking forward to the next session, and I hope I can find or build a troll miniature in time.

Flying Fort Skaralia - Game 1

I love it! RIP (?) Seppen, never forget.

Flying Fort Skaralia - Game 1
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