List of god Aspects

Explanation and History of the Aspects

In the beginning, there was Ayebegon who seeded the First World in our system with life in the form of the Changelings. The system of 9 planets hung in a mystical blue-green nebulae which gave the Changelings the ability to change shape. Ayebegon created 10 Aspects with godlike powers to rule over his creation and steer it’s course in his absence.

These were the aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Peace, War, Light, Darkness, Chaos, and Order. He left two rules for these minions: “Shape the Changelings as you wish, but do not have offspring” and “Do not allow worship of any god other than Ayebegon himself.” Then, leaving no explanation, he left, vowing to return.

Time passed and generations turned, and the people began to revere their guardians as gods, though they kept their worship quiet. The Aspects split off into couples, creating a natural balance between their polarized numbers. Though they frolicked, they bore no children. After much time, Chaos became restless. She knew that the Orcs, her favored faction among the Changelings, worshiped her in secret. She chafed against the restrictions of Ayebegon’s laws and their enforcement by her husband, Order.

Chaos was always changing, so her illicit plans went unnoticed by Order until she gave birth to twins, whom she named Balance and Discord. Order disproved at first, but could not help but love his offspring. He began to spend less and less time with his mistress Izmiranthe, the Queen of the Serene Elves. Chaos grew emboldened every day the children grew older, and after 5 years, she openly declared herself the god of the Orcs. Order was enraged, and the two had an argument that came just short of blows.

The next morning, Order was found dead in his chambers by Queen Izmiranthe. She sent word to the other Aspects, who came immediately to witness the murder. The Elves held a funeral, but during the wake Ayebegon returned, feeling the loss of Order. He demanded to know who committed the deed; all eyes turned to Chaos as the culprit, though no proof had been found.

In his fury, Lord Ayebegon destroyed her and tore the magical mist of the nebulae from space, wrapping it around one of the system’s suns. He scattered the Changelings across all the planets and told each faction to turn their worship to him, or someday face destruction themselves. Again, he disappeared mysteriously into space.

The 8 Archetypes that remained after the death of Order and Chaos sensed the imbalance their deaths had created. They searched for the children Balance and Discord, but the little ones were nowhere to be found. Taking matters into their own hands, they sacrificed themselves, shattering into fragments, that all Aspects might reform naturally over time. Because of this, three major Fragments of each Aspect tend to express themselves in the world. However, something went wrong, and the Fragments of Order and Chaos haven’t properly shown up in the world.


The following are listed by their neutral, positive, and negative aspects in turn. It is important to note that this does NOT necessarily correspond to the Pathfinder Neutral, Good, or Evil alignments.

Water – A neutral aspect, patron to all animals that live in water and water elementals.
Flow – A positive aspect, the embodiment of movement and change. This aspect is called upon by those wishing to make changes in their lives.
Ice – A negative aspect, the embodiment of stagnation, isolation, and severity. The Serene elves revere Ice as the next best thing to Order.

Hearth – A neutral aspect; while the fire warms the family, it also cooks the flesh of beasts. It is the combination of bounty and sacrifice and is often worshiped in the homes of many lands.
Growth – A positive aspect that epitomizes the glorious fertility of spring. This aspect carries great importance for most of Kondarr’s residents, such as the Grower Gnomes and the Plantani.
Decay – A negative aspect reflecting the eventual break down of all organic matter. Despite its negative connotations, Decay is celebrated by the Shrum for its part in renewing life.

Travel – A neutral aspect epitomizing journeys and exploration. Adventurers often pray to versions of this aspect.
Commerce – A positive aspect representing fellowship and business partnerships. Merchants across the Peacock Sky pray to versions of this aspect every day.
Conquest – A negative aspect representing violent claims to new territory. The Builder Gnomes worship a version of this aspect and use his blessing as an excuse to take slaves.

Clay – A neutral aspect that embodies the raw possibility of materials and the skill of those who craft. Clay is the patron of all crafters, builders, and artisans.
Stone – A positive aspect that exemplifies fortification, safety, and defense. Most dwarves worship a version of this aspect.
Dust – A negative aspect that personifies desiccation and lifelessness. Dust is often blamed for drought on Vestyx.

Flame – A neutral aspect encompassing passion and love. Many would argue for the goodness of love, but in the end, the heart wants what the heart wants. Versions of Flame are worshiped by young lovers and elementals alike.
Spark – A positive aspect exemplifying illumination and the sacred search for knowledge. Spark is a favorite of any tinker or inventor, but he is especially favored by the Awakened.
Inferno – A negative aspect that represents the wicked joy of destruction. Many of the northern Orc tribes have taken up Inferno’s banner since the death of Chaos.

Sky – A neutral aspect, elemental in nature; this aspect is patron to all flying creatures.
Breeze – A positive aspect that epitomizes freedom in all its forms. Many nomads, travelers, and adventurers keep sacred symbols for Breeze as well as Travel.
Storm – A negative aspect embodying both weather patterns and shifting moods. Storm is the bane of sailors, who often purchase luck charms against the aspect’s attentions.

Shadow – A neutral aspect embodying everything that is stealth. Shadow is the patron of rogues, thieves, and orphans.
Dusk – A positive aspect that represents the ending of things, making room for the new. Dusk is called upon to lessen heartache for lovers and ease the passage of the dying.
Abyss – A negative aspect that personifies the darkness of nightmares. Those with long term depression are said the be plagued by this aspect.

Light – A neutral aspect that encompasses vision and foresight. This aspect is revered by oracles, prophets, and seers.
Dawn – A positive aspect embodying new beginnings. This aspect is called upon at the start of relationships and the birth of children.
Glory – A negative aspect that represents the blinding properties of light. Those with unhealthy or dangerous obsessions are said to be plagued by this aspect

List of god Aspects

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