Evolutionist Changeling


As Enantos floated in the shimmering water, he looked up towards the spring leaves so bright and vibrant. They were almost blinding to behold, but Enan peered through the canopy to something beyond… He looked to the stars of other realms. They were impossible to see for our star was overhead, but within his mind he saw them. He thought of forbidden knowledge for a secret had been imparted to Enan by the land itself; a secret of the gods.

The power of belief and of creation. All gods were once mortal but have ascended through various means. They do often create fanciful stories to tell their followers for belief is a force of incomparable strength. While belief fails to create gods alone, it does increase their power immensely. There is a war most mortals are ignorant of, The War of Power. The Gods, forever searching for greater power, seed worlds around stars to create creatures of intellect so that some might worship. Gods are not fools; they realize that few posses true belief, but a few honest followers increase one’s strength dramatically.

Enantos Pondered this as he dreamed of one day climbing to godhood. He wished to realize his dream of creating his own lush world, one born of the green, unaware of its creator, unaware of the world that destroys the heavens, a world where belief starts within, and where each creature realizes itself. The founts of belief would feed the planet and its inhabitants rather than metaphysical beings.

Being alive for millenia, Enan has watched the destruction this war has reaped for his planet, Vestiks. The war between the northern and southern hemisphere was just an extension of the struggle of the heavens, and the Greenbelt became a casualty. Enan so desired to live in a lush orld of his own design… He dreamed…


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