Peacock Sky

Trial of the Reavers

Players followed Kurtog the Fist deep into the cemetery, where they found the remainder of the Northern Orcs, who had suffered a fate similar to the Laughing Hyena that Kurtog himself had possessed. These creatures were gathered at the base of the White Tree, where crypts from all worlds had sprouted like massive stone weeds from the sodden graveyard ground. A thin cobblestone road snaked it’s way among the massive sepulchers, past moss covered mausoleums and crumbling gravestones, to the solemn figures, standing passive as the players approached.

The possessed serpents stood impassively, watching as the players approached, seemingly unconcerned with their intrusion. Each of these recently dead Orcs bore the same strange physical changes exhibited by Kurtog, lengthened and enlarged upper arms and chest, and a loping four armed gait. Five of such creatures, and another much larger Orc waited, aligned in a circle, each with a knife drawn to the neck of a still live orc, poised as if to strike. Wind blew through the boneyard, barely stirring the thick violet mist, causing the only sound in this lonely place.

Kurtog moved ahead of the players, seemingly nervous for a spirit, and addressed the shade of his father formerly, suing for an audience for his recently arrived guests. Rusk turned to greet the newcomers, addressing them as invading orcs until his son was able to convince him of the true identities of his new companions.

Rusk showed the players the crypt of the Great Bone Lord, one of the rare and powerful Collector race, and explained his intent to sacrifice the remaining Northern Orcs to awaken this legendary creature. Kurtog spoke up, somewhat hesitantly, asking his father if he might not be waking a power far more dangerous than any Northern Orcish Raider, an issue echoed by the players. Rusk showed hesitance at this, and Cylis pushed the point home, discovering that Rusk had used his skills as a seer to ensure the intent of this sleeping creature, and knew that he was at least not intrinsically evil.

Cylis and Rin surprised Phil by agreeing with this plan of action, and the three offered their aid in performing the ritual. Rusk smiled, and called upon ancient magicks, glowing with a nearly blinding bluish light. The adventurers, accompanied by the stoic silent spirits, simultaneously slit the five invaders throats, and watched in amazement as the blood floated lazily through the air towards the prison of the Bone Lord where it began to pool in the ancient engravings that decorate the massive stone doors. Not a drop touched the ground, and as the last bright speck touched the gateway these engravings flared to life, coursing with dark eldritch energy. As Phil watched, his keen eyes were able to make out familiar shapes moving in the shadows behind the mausoleum, and quickly realized that the Longstrider children had followed them here.


Players awakened the Bone Lord, who proved to be a neutral force that owed them a boon for his awakening. Rusk mentioned intent to create an army of the undead, and the players set about convincing him otherwise, worried that this place would turn into a giant gate to the dead world without a shaman. Rusk acquiesced, but only after getting guarantees that his people would be properly protected. To insure this, he sent Kurtog and the four other silent brothers to protect the town. Shard owed the players a favor anyway, and began gathering supportive souls to help defend the city, though the group outpaced him quickly.

Players made their back north to the windswept ruins, their group strengthened by five silent monks and five longstriders.


Scrapophillia Moophe

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